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As a member of South Jersey Federal Credit Union, you know that our organization is committed to changing and adapting to meet your needs and the needs of our community. Our willingness to improve and evolve has led us to our most recent change: a new name, logo, and tagline that accurately reflect our mission, services, and unique strengths.

The new brand highlights our commitment to nurturing our members, supporting you as you work toward your financial goals. We’ll continue to help you save money by offering competitive interest rates on savings accounts, low interest rates on loans, and lower service fees than other financial institutions. We want to assure you that although our name is changing, our commitment to service, to members, and to the community will remain the same. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do the new name and logo mean that South Jersey Federal Credit Union has been acquired by another credit union?

A: No, South Jersey Federal Credit Union has not been acquired. The rebranding does not signify any change to our credit union management or operations. We are simply changing the name, logo and brand identity to address the changing needs of our members and communities.

Q: Then why are the name and logo changing?

A: As you know, we have branches in Philadelphia and Williamsport, PA. We wanted a name that would respect our Southern New Jersey origins while recognizing these Pennsylvania branches. In addition, our credit union represents more than a geographical area. We chose the name First Harvest to highlight our credit union’s commitment to nurturing our members’ finances and helping them reap the rewards of careful money management.

Q: The word “Federal” is not part of the new name. Does that mean my funds are no longer federally insured?

A: Your funds on deposit with First Harvest Credit Union are still federally insured to the same extent and through the same entities. Each member’s account is insured up to $250,000 through the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF) and up to $250,000 through private insurance by the Excess Share Insurance (ESI) Corporation, for a total of $500,000 of coverage. We removed the word “Federal” from our name simply to shorten and simplify the name, and to avoid the misconception that the credit union is owned or operated by the federal government.

Q: Will there be changes to the leadership or staff at the credit union?

A: No. The dedicated Board of Directors, management team, and staff will remain the same. Only the name, logo, and tagline of the credit union are changing.

Q: Will the new name and logo affect my account or membership in any way?

A: The new name and look for the credit union will not affect your membership or any of your accounts. Your account numbers will not change. If you use our mobile banking or our app, your login information will not change.

Q: Will the credit union’s fees, loan rates or deposit rates change as a result of the name change?

A: The credit union’s rates and fees will not be affected by the name change.

Q: Will your routing number change?

A: Our routing number will not change as a result of the name and logo change. 

Q: Do I need to order new checks / a new debit card / a new credit card?

A: You do not need to order new checks, a new debit card, and/or a new credit card at this time. You can continue to use your existing checks, debit card, and/or credit card, even though they include the South Jersey Federal Credit Union name and logo. Once your checks are used and you order a new supply, the new checks will include the new name and logo. Likewise, when your debit card and/or credit card are about to expire, we’ll send you a new one which will feature the new name and logo.

Q: Do I need to change my direct deposit information with my employer?

A: Since our routing number will not change, you do not need to change your direct deposit information with your employer.

Q: I use a billpay service outside of South Jersey Federal Credit Union. Do I need to change the credit union’s name with that service?

A: It’s a good idea to change the credit union’s name with your billpay service, but since our routing number and your account number(s) will not change, there should not be any issues with your bill payments as a result of the change.

Q: I have a mortgage with South Jersey Federal Credit Union. Do I need to let my homeowners insurance carrier know about the name change?

A: The next time you renew your homeowners insurance policy, you can use the new credit union name. There is no need to contact your insurance carrier until your policy is up for renewal.

Q: What will the new website address be?

A: The new website address will be:

Q: Will any of the credit union’s telephone numbers change? What about email addresses?

A: Our telephone numbers will not change as a result of the name change. Our email addresses will change to reflect the new name, but emails sent to our old email accounts will be forwarded

automatically to our new accounts to give you the opportunity to update your records.

Q: Do I need to download a new app?

A: You do not need to download a new app, but you should update the existing app to take advantage of any changes we have made recently. If you have arranged for automatic updates, there is no need to take any action.


If you have any other questions that have not been answered here, please contact (800) 582-7640

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