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Through our partnership with Liberty Mutual® Insurance, First Harvest members can take advantage of various coverage plans for all their insurance needs. With Liberty Mutual’s MEMBERS Home insurance program, you could save hundreds of dollars a year!

Homeowners Insurance

MEMBERS Homeowners Insurance is provided by Liberty Mutual and offers reliable homeowner coverage for single-family homes, vacation homes, and more.

Condominium Insurance 

For those credit union members who purchase and reside in a condo, MEMBERS Condominium Insurance is also available from Liberty Mutual.

Renters Insurance 

Don’t own a home? You still need coverage for all your personal possessions and for liability. MEMBERS Renters Insurance is also provided by Liberty Mutual for credit union members who rent a home or apartment.

As a member of First Harvest Credit Union, you are eligible for a discount on your homeowners, condo and rental insurance through the convenience of electronic fund transfer or direct billing at home with MEMBERS™ Home Insurance Program.

For more information about these programs, please call the local sales representative, Cheryl Sapp, at (856) 227-7816, ext. 53334, or visit