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Often, things don’t always happen according to the plans we’ve made. Sometimes the unthinkable can happen. You buy a new or used, car or truck thinking it will serve you for years to come.

But your vehicle could be stolen, or it might get totaled in an unfortunate accident.

Your auto insurance will cover the replacement value of your vehicle. However, you remain liable for paying the difference between the insurance settlement and your loan balance. 

GAP Protection is an affordable way to fill the “gap” — that difference, which can easily amount to thousands of dollars. In what amounts to just a few dollars a month, you can protect yourself against this kind of unexpected expense.  

GAP is available for new and used auto loans. This protection allows to a maximum 150% loan-to-value ratio and four “payment skips” during the life of the contract (if a member chooses to take advantage of First Harvest’s “Skip-A-Pay” program during the term of the loan).

You can elect GAP Protection at the same time you apply for your vehicle loan. Your GAP premium can be rolled into your monthly loan payment.

Call (800) 582-7640 to inquire about GAP Protection for your vehicle.