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The idea of credit unions began in early 19th century Europe. Wilhelm Raiffeisen established a credit society in Germany in 1849 that depended on the charity of wealthy men for its support. He formed the Heddesdorf Credit Union in 1864 to help German farmers purchase livestock, equipment, seeds and other farming needs.

In 1900, the credit union concept crossed the Atlantic to Quebec where Alphonse Desjardins organized La Caisse Populaire de Levis. Through his work as a court reporter, Desjardins became aware of loan sharks charging outrageous interest. In response, he organized this first credit union in North America to provide affordable credit to working class families. 

Nearly a decade later, Desjardins helped a group of Franco-American Catholics in Manchester, New Hampshire, organize St. Mary’s Cooperative Credit Association. This first credit union in the United States opened its doors in 1909.

Whether you are opening your first savings account, financing a home, or investing for retirement, we have the products and services for virtually all your financial needs. Take a moment to explore this site.

In recent years credit unions have grown in popularity — partly due to the positive news media coverage received.  The media has been advising consumers to go to their credit union to get great deals from people they can trust. Whether a consumer is searching for lower fees, great rates on auto and home equity loans, or a better rate on credit cards, they can find it at a credit union.

As a not-for-profit institution, most profits gained are returned back to our members in the form of:

  • Lower fees
  • Great loan and credit card rates
  • Personalized service
  • Additional educational resources and banking services
  • Nationwide surcharge-free ATM access
  • Discounts beyond the branch
  • Additional deposit coverage
  • And much more!
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