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Use Your First Harvest Mastercards® with Digital Wallets

We’re excited to offer members even more convenient ways to access their funds. Available now, members have the option to load their First Harvest Credit Union Mastercard Debit and Credit Cards into various digital wallets and use it to make purchases through Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and more.



What is Digital Wallet?  

Digital wallet solutions allow members to store their credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, driver’s license, and coupons in a digital form on their compatible devices. They can use their digital cards to pay for goods and services online and at retail locations that accepts digital payment.

Payment card issuers, like First Harvest Credit Union, must allow their cards to be used with digital wallet platforms. First Harvest Mastercard Debit and Credit Cards are compatible with various digital wallets and can be used to make purchases through Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and more.


Which Digital Wallet providers are compatible?

The First Harvest Mastercard Debit and Credit Cards can be used with the following Digital Wallet/Pay Partners:

Apple Pay:

  • Loading your card in Apple Wallet – Here’s How 
  • Make Purchases with Apple Pay on compatible devices – Here’s How

Android Pay:

  • Loading a card in Google Wallet – Here’s How
  • Make Purchases with Android Pay on compatible devices – Here’s How

Samsung Pay:

Microsoft Wallet:

  • Microsoft Wallet allows Members to easily and safely pay for their purchases in stores or online with Microsoft Wallet on their Windows phone.


  • Masterpass from MasterCard is the first omni-channel, all digital payment service for consumers, issuers, and merchants leveraging the most advanced methods of payment available.


Important Note: Google Pay/Android Pay cannot be used on Apple devices


Is Digital Wallet safe?

While Digital Wallets often provide more enhanced security through information encryption, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Take the time to secure your device and app by setting up available security features, such as PINs and biometric authentication options.
  • Limit your purchase transactions to retailers and individuals you trust
  • Monitor your financial accounts and review your payment history frequently to quickly identify any suspicious actives  
  • Only process transactions on secured Wi-Fi networks.
  • Register your First Harvest Mastercards for complimentary ID Theft Protection – Get Started Here  


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