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Protecting our members from fraudulent activities is among one of our highest priorities.

Effective March 13, 2024, First Harvest Debit and Credit cardholders will automatically be enrolled to receive Fraud Alerts via text, email, and digital calls.

Why Fraud Alerts are Important

The minute a suspicious transaction or event is flagged in our system, Fraud Alerts begin. When a suspicious activity occurs on your account, you will receive an alert and be requested to verify the transaction before it gets approved. Fraud Alerts help detect unauthorized transactions early in the process – and in turn protect cardholders.

For Optimal Experience

We strongly encourage you to ensure your contact information on file at First Harvest is up-to-date, so you are able to receive Fraud Alert messages to verify legitimate transactions in a timely manner, and to avoid declined transactions.

Members can log into Online Banking to update their contact information or Connect With Us.

Caller Authentication Information

If you receive a Fraud Alert message, please take note of the Authentication Case Number in the event you need to call our Fraud Alerts monitoring team. The Case Number is the best way to help authenticate your identity. Calling from the phone number that you received the message on will further help streamline the authentication process.

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